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posted August 2018

Is there a member who might be familiar with Scour Kleens that were once optional equipment on MF combines.
We have an older MF 300 combine that I would like to install a Scour Kleen on to clean organic grains, but I like to speak to someone who once used one. It just so happens that we farm with some older Massey equipment (MH 30 for bean cultivating, a MF 10 baler, a MF 36 swather, a MF 540 combine)....in the Ridgetown area.

Please email a reply to   Earle Johnson

posted June 2018

I have this sign that I acquired from a sale/trade. It is a dealer sign that I was told was for Massey Ferguson. After doing some research I see that the sign is earlier than Massey Ferguson. Just wondering if anyone here knows what this sign was used for? Is it possibly a Massey Harris sign? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have included a picture here

Please email a reply to   Kevin Campbell

posted March 2018

Andrea Gal is interested in obtaining pictures of the following tractors: MF 399, MF 265, MH Model 11 Pony, MH 44, MF 180.
If you have such pictures please email them to her at Andrea Gal

posted Sep 2014

I am researching my family tree and would appreciate if anyone from any of the Massey Harris links could assist me. My great grandfather worked for Massey Harris in Brantford between approx. 1905 and 1914. Im looking for employee photos from this time period. His name was Alonzo Jones. Would anyone have any old history books, staff photos or pictures listed with employee names, employee numbers and photos? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Paul Jones, Brantford, ON    

Please email a reply to   Kafer53@yahoo.ca (I suggested he contact the University of Guelph because they have Massey archives there.)

posted Feb 2013

Last fall ( Oct 2012) , I replaced the valves and valve guides on the Continental F 162 engine in my Massey 30. It works much much better now.

But several weeks ago ( winter weather) , I found that the engine would barely run, if I didn't pull the choke out almost all the way. I had taken the carb out, cleaned it ( or at least I thought that I did). Do you have any hints about the Marvel Schebler carb - I suspect there is a little passage somewhere that is still blocked.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Miro Forest.   Please email me mforest111@gmail.com 

posted June 2012

I have a 1958 Massey Harris Ferguson Work Bull 202. This is a technical question and I was wondering if you could direct me to any info source. I'd like to put a spin on oil filter on it with an anti drainback flap. Every time I start it, it takes about 30 seconds to fill the filter canister and actually get oil to the bearings. Is there an easy way to do this? Please email Kelsey428@aol.com  Thanks, Kirk in Medina, Ohio

posted Feb 2012

I just got two old pony tractors made at the Lille factory in France and I have no idea what type of gear oil to get. Also how do you get serial numbers for the year of manufacture so I can road register them. I would be grateful for any help you could give. Thank you, kevin.   

Please email a reply to   kevinfullard@hotmail.co.uk

Reply from David Perry:

The pony models - 811 - 812 - 820 - were made in France, the 811 was made in 1951 - 1,813 made, 1952 - 10 were made.
The 812 - were made in years 1952 - 5,800 - 1953 -8,133 - 1954 - 8,758 - 1955 - 11,536 - 1956 - 13,101 - 1957 - 1,894
The 820 - were made 1957 - 11,953 - 1958 - 14,297 - 1959 - 4,033 - 1960 - 948 - 1961 - 46
The 821were made 1959 - 4,036 - 1960 - 5,004 - 1961 - 355
THE PONY SERIAL # OF THE ONES MADE in North America is located on the plate on right side of frame & we can

supply the year of made but we do not have for the French pony.
The oil in rear axle we use a #80 or #90 weight gear oil


Posted Jan 2012

I am not quite sure if you are the right person to ask about this, but I hope you can at least point me in the right direction.

I am restoring a Massey Harris 101 Sr. The serial number is R E 270400. I can NOT find what the E symbolizes. And it is not an F. Please reply to 

vbsbfarmgirl9513@neo.rr.com            Thanks :)

15) posted May 2010. Hi. I purchased a piece of property not long ago and with that came "Pat" the tractor. I have been trying to find some way to ID "Pat" so I can give her some TLC but have no luck. If you have any idea or can point me in the right direction that would be helpful. I know "Pat" is a Massey-Ferguson and runs on diesel. Please email Nick at nicnacnic@sbcglobal.net  click here for a picture of Pat.

14) Posted October 2009: How do you convert a 6-volt, positive ground electrical system to a 12-volt system?


Converting a 6 volt positive ground to a 12 volt system is simple. First thing you need is a Delco alternator. I used a 60-amp out of a 1980 chev. Press the C belt pulley off of your generator and install it on your alternator.

Notch the bolt holes on the generator bracket to engine block so the alternator is moved towards the fan and a little down. This will line up the pulleys and allow you to use the factor top bracket. Then I cut a piece of pipe for a spacer and got a long 3/8 bolt to go through it and the alternator on the bottom bracket. Hook the factor power wire from the gens regulator to the battery positive post on the alternator. This alternator also has a two wire plug on it. On the alternator there should be numbers 1 beside one terminal and 2 beside the other, hook #1 to ignition power and #2 back to the alts battery post. The next thing you need is a different ignition switch that has more then one live terminal when the key is on. Hook one terminal to the factor power wire for the coil and run an extra wire to the ignition #1 terminal on the alternator. I did this because once the alternator starts charging by just hooking it to the coil power wire you end up not being able to shut the tractor off. The next thing you need is a resisted 12 volt coil.

If you are buying one just get a 1970 chev coil and it will work great. If you do not run a resisted coil the points in the distributor will burn out fairly quickly. The tractor is positive ground so what I did was made it negative ground. This is fairly simple to do too. I just reversed the wires on the ammeter gauge so it reads that it was charging and not discharging. When you are changing your coil make sure you hook the (+) to the key side and the (-) to the distributor side as the positive ground set up will be the other way around. And of course hook the new 12 volt battery up now negative to ground and positive to positive. The 6-volt starter seems to work fine on 12 volts and if you have lights you will need to change the bulbs to 12 volts. After I did the first one my other two tractors didn't take long to do and only cost me about $130 a tractor. If you have any questions just email Jeremy at jeremychernuka@yahoo.ca

13) Posted  October 2009:  Well ever since I was a little boy I have been in love with the Massey Harris 44. My grandpa had two of them during his farming career and one was traded off on another tractor. The second one was kept for seeding and harrowing then later used for spraying. After my grandpa past away in 1987 my dad started using a MF 1085 in place of the 44. The old 44 sat for the most part in the shed but once a year we started to make chop for the pigs and chickens. This had to be my favorite time of all because I got to drive it around the yard for a bit before we changed the oil and put it to work. Then dad got out of chickens and quit getting pigs and it sat and sat. Some years went by but I never quit bugging dad about firing it up and dad would say we don't need it and it can sit there, besides its 6 volts and I'm not buying a battery! So to make a long story short when I finished school I went in for an automotive mechanic and I rewired the 44 to a 12-volt system, got it fired up and out of the shed sanded it down and painted it up and gave it some new tires. My love for old farm equipment hasn't stopped there. I have been collecting ever since. I have three running 44's, one is a special and 3 for parts. A retired farmer gave me a 1962 super 92 combine that was always shedded and still in working order. Another fellow gave me a Massey Harris 22 combine which I want to paint and make it my gate ornament and the same person gave me a 10-ft MH field cultivator. I'm not sure on the year but it has power lift and a place to put a hydraulic cylinder and I have pulled it around with the special. I have other things that are not Massey like a 435 JD three bottom plow, a Hesston 260 swather, a 1970 international grain truck with just over 25,000 original miles, a 1964 international grain truck that I was told to take home and I got it running , a 1970 GMC grain truck and a 1966 D-100 versatile I found checking out an old yard site. I then talked to the owner and bought it and pulled it home and it's now running too. Well I have a few other things but I will be here all night listing them. Anyways I was checking out your web page and wondering if anyone could get me more info on the super 92 like engine hp and that kind of thing.

If you can help with info on this combine, please email jeremychernuka@yahoo.ca  

12) (posted Nov 2008) We have bought a MF16 lawn tractor serial#1944200763. Where would we find what year it is ? 

Please email Herb:  herbdp@gmail.com 

11) (posted September 2008) I have an old cast iron implement seat that says "Massey Toronto" on it. I think it was on an old hay rake that was on the property when I bought it. Do you have any idea what colour this would have been painted when it was new? From your website it appears to be made between 1890 and 1891. Thanks. Please email Ken kwarnica@eastlink.ca 

10) (posted August 2008) I have a Massey Harris 20 tractor with a model 81 power lift. We use this tractor regularly and the power lift

works, but it doesn't always fully disengage the dogs, creating a ratcheting sound. I have the model 81

power lift installation manual that my father originally got with the tractor, but it says nothing about adjustments or

rebuilding. Can anyone help me with information on this lift? Thank you. Please email Bob at rnb@ineffingham.com 

9) (Posted Aug 2008) Dear Massey Collectors: I am trying to find someone who can identify some tractor wheel weights that I think are Massey Harris. If anyone is interested I will e-mail some pictures. I collect IHC equipment and I don’t like to see any useable old iron go to the scrapers.

Bill Filson, Truck Sales, Lower Great Lakes Kenworth, Inc. 800-877-2227 Office

574-952-1653 Mobile, 574-234-6764 Fax, bfilson@lglk.com 

8) (posted August 2008) I have just bought a Massey Harris 1946 model 20. I have been told that this tractor was made for 3 years and it was their 100 year anniversary tractor? Now I have also heard their is a decal that goes on this tractor that says 100 years ---- Can you shed some light on this for me and where can I buy this decal? As you know I am a Case man and new with the MH. Thanks, and please email me, JR Caseman, at   CASE38man@aol.com 

7) (posted July 2008) I was interested to read your history of the Massey Harris Company as my Grandfather, Marshall Brown and Uncle, William Brown both worked for the company in Toronto for many years and the family lived in Newcastle from about 1870 to 1900's. I have been hoping to find some employee records. If you are aware of a collection of records anywhere, please let me know. Please email Shirley at   shirley@thetomlinsons.org 

6) Does anyone know if there was ever a M-H cement mixer manufactured? Please contact Don at (705)435-7263 evenings in Alliston, Ont. if you can shed some light on this.

5) I am trying to identify a massey(?) tool. It is shown in Pete Rathbone's book "Farm Implement Companies and The Wrenches They Used" Vol 2, 2006 page 181. It is I believe a spanner wrench shown as T525 near the bottom of the page. Does anyone have any further information? I would like to find out the use of this tool and what equipment it was issued for. Also what year was it issued? Thanks for reading this and I would appreciate any reply at all. Kent Rue kentrueski@aol.com   (Posted april 2008)

4) Where can I find information about a Massy Harris Super 26 self propelled combine no cab? It looks like new in a good shed.

Lyle Olson, Red Oak, Iowa email to: lore@heartland.net 


3) I have several past students that have the Massey Harris 55 model tractor in their collection and tractor pulling. They have the belt pulley housing on the tractor but they have never seen a pulley that would fit. A pulley from a 44 model would not. Can you give directions/info about a belt pulley, where one could be purchased, different sizes, etc????? (I'm referring to the unit that would drive a belt machine like a silage blower)

Contact: PAUL D MULLINS      pmullins4885@sbcglobal.net  Posted December 2006


2) We had an old model 50 in our family for some time. It caught on fire and burned and we are going to restore it by trying to find what other model masseys would have the same parts. Any idea where we could find this information or where we could purchase another model 50 for parts?

contact: Pat Mitchell    pmitchell@centralwire.com    posted Dec 2006


1) In the late 40's my grandfather who lived and farmed in Saskatchewan bought me an all wood scale model of a

Massey Harris model 55 tractor. At that time I would have been about 5 yrs old. It was on display at the Frank Wilde (sp?)

Massey Harris dealership at Quappelle, Sask. It is all wood and had decals displaying the "Massey Harris" and Model "55".

It was painted the appropriate colors. It is about 12 " long and 6 1/2" high. It is quite detailed in its construction.

I have reason to believe it was likely a promotional display item for the dealers to. I doubt it is homemade and I suspect

there was more than the one built, although I have never seen another one like it.

I would appreciate anything either you or your membership may know about the origins of this model toy.

Reg Alspach

New Westminster, BC, Canada

email to RAlspach@Shaw.Ca   Posted Jan 2008

PS....My grandfather was a Massey Harris fan through and through.